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16 Oct 2013
Peter Breiner
[slovenský text nižšie]
Vlado Godar, whom I mentioned in previous postings, is also a "behind the scenes" magician. He puts  things, events and people together quite often. The results are mostly excellent. Years ago he persuaded me to get together and play with a young violin player, because he was sure we'd hit it off.

Once again he was right and the result was great. Stano Paluch is an extremely talented musician and since our first meeting we worked together many times, created a Tango group, played many concerts in Europe and USA, made recordings and had a lot of fun.

In July 2013 we played at the Mazal Tov festival in Kosice, Slovakia. On of the pieces was a 17 minute Gershwin pastiche that I arranged, in which Stanko played and improvised with a little help of a string orchestra Musica Cassovia. This is a live video from the event. As Mazal Tov was a Jewish Culture Festival, the Gershiwn pastiche swerves a bit towards Klezmer at the end. Stanko, of course, handles that with a bravura as well. Enjoy. More music below.

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