Events - Friday, 18 May 2012

Bohemian National Hall
New York, New York
Friday, 18 May 2012 - 7:00 PM
Held at New York City’s historic Bohemian National Hall, this is an evening of luminescent music brought to you by three transcendent female musicians at the cutting edge of New York City’s contemporary music scene. The concert/event will be co-organized by
Composers Concordance Records/Bohemian National Hall/Czech Center.

The Bohemian National Hall sets the tone for the evening. A venerable hub of New York’s Czech and Slavic culture since the 19th century, the hall is the ideal space in which to showcase music with Bohemian flair: nomadic, free-spirited, romantic, and progressive. The event highlights a mix of classical masters, like Dvorak, and debut compositions by New York’s hottest young musicians.

7 - 8PM – Opening Reception and Video Installation
The evening commences with a reception and video installation which will present interviews of women whose works have made a significant contribution to cultural life. The film will involve notable women of all fields:
Composer Gloria Coates, Co-Founder of Sing for Hope Camille Zamora, Micalea Ferreira of ARTErra - residências rurais artísticas, ABC news producer Christine Romo, Lara Land of Land Yoga, celebrated photographer Theresa Ortolani, award winning author and founder of the Storylines Project, Neela Vaswani, Anja Wood, co-founder of The Lelt Foundation, and many others.

8 - 9:30pm - Concert
Conceived as a flowing voyage through times and Bohemian aesthetics, this concert will present music of past and present performed by New York's finest chamber musicians.
Dvorak: Rondo for Cello and Piano in G minor, Op. 94
Artists: Peter Breiner (Piano); Irina Chirkova (Cello)
Breiner: Quiet Hommage to my Great-great Grandfather
Artists: Keve Wilson (Oboe); Peter Breiner (Piano); Lynn Bechtold (Violin); Irina Chirkova (Cello)
Breiner: The Magic Garden of Casual Delights
Artists: Keve Wilson (Oboe); Peter Breiner (Piano); Lynn Bechtold (Violin); Irina Chirkova (Cello)
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