Giora Feidman at the Prague Spring / na Pražském jaru 2010
3 Jul 2010
The phenomenal clarinettist, the 'King of Klezmer', Giora Feidman, a winner of an Oscar for the soundtrack to Spielberg's famous Schindler's List, played to an enthusiastic audience at a concert of the Prague Spring on 25 May 2010. Among the works that were heard was Concerto for Giora, composed especially for Mr Feidman by Peter Breiner, who also conducted the performance. In the second half, the audience heard Mr Feidman's interpretation of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, this time under the direction of Zbynek Müller, the Chief Conductor of the Slovak State Philharmonic, Košice. /// Fenomenální klarinetista -- „král klezmeru", Giora Feidman, nositel Oskara za nahrávku hudby k proslulému filmu Stevena Spielberga Schindleruv seznam, zahrál 25. kvetna 2010 na Pražském jaru. Hrál mimo jiné skladbu Koncert pro Gioru složenou prímo pro nej Peterem Breinerem, který ji taktéž dirigoval. V druhé puli zaznel ve Feidmanove podání Mozartuv Klarinetový koncert, tentokrát již pod vedením Zbynka Mül

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