10 Sep 2009
Varlamov: Snow Flurries Play
Boguslavsky: Dark is the Night Play
Solov'yov-Sedoy: Midnight in Moscow Play
Traditional: Kalinka Play
Traditional: Down the Volga River Play
Anonymous: Dark Eyes Play
Traditional: The Red Sarafan Play
Traditional: Stenka Razin Play
Knipper: Polyushko, Pole (The Meadowland) Play
Traditional: Song of the Volga Boatmen Play
Traditional: The Light Play
Traditional: Down the Peterskaya Road Play
10 Sep 2009
Haydn: Concerto for Cello no 1 in C major, H 7b no 1 Play
Haydn: Concerto for Cello no 2 in D major, Op. 101/H 7b no 2 Play
Boccherini: Concerto for Cello in B flat major, G 482 Play
9 Sep 2009
Granados: Danzas (12) españolas, Op. 37 Play
Granados: Escenas poeticas (3) "Libro de horas" Play
8 Sep 2009
Granados: Valses (7) poeticos Play
Breiner: Carmen Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra Play
8 Sep 2009
Breiner: Guitaralia Notturna for Guitar Quartet and Orchestra Play
20 Aug 2009
Breiner: The Story, Oratorio for 5 Soloists, 2 Choirs and large Orchestra Play
18 Aug 2009
Breiner: Battle From a Distance, Symphonic Poem for large Orchestra Play
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